Yakurls’s strength is that it isn’t trying to carve a new social networking niche but instead compliments already existing communities. It allows users who were otherwise faceless to communicate in realtime with as little friction as possible.

“I honestly think this is the future of the internet.”

Tacoram on Reddit

Development began on Yakurl after being introduced to Node.js & Socket.io. Thanks to the help of another developer, Yakurl is now a Chrome Extensioni that allows users on the same URL to communicate with each other.

I have big expectations for this software to change the way people communicate online.

Screenshot of the homepage of Yakurl.com
Fig 1. Yakurl homepage design
Screenshot of the homepage of Yakurl.com
Fig 2. Yakurl Chrome Extension

Technical Achievements

  1. Server & Client spam filtering
  2. Custom room management written in Node.js