Walt Disney & Club Penguin


While at Disney Online Studios Canada, I worked as the Lead Client Software Engineer.i Among other challenging projects, I rewrote Club Penguin's Flash client to improve scalability and performance, developed a localization system which allowed the virtual world to run in multiple languages, and built a line of sight path finding system.

“I had the privilege of working side-by-side with Dustin updating the entire client for Club Penguin. He exceeded all my expectations. Dustin is gifted in both design and programming, allowing him to see past the code and create experiences.”

Lance Priebe, SVP, Disney Online Studios Canada

Before I was Lead Client Software Engineer, I held a graphic design position and was in charge of layout on the weekly newspaper. The “Penguin Times” had a readership of over 1.7 million viewers.

Club Penguin Homepage
Fig 1. The Club Penguin Homepage

Technical Achievements

  1. Rewrote Flash client to improve scalability and performance
  2. Line–of–sight path finding system
  3. Localization system to manage assets and localized strings
  4. Wireframed & prototyped new features and systems