Streaming Café

Streaming Café contacted me to build a backend to manage their artists, performances, and live chat. The custom backend currently manages over 160 live performances and was built on top of CodeIgniter and MySQL. I focused on following the DRY Principle as much as possible and tailored the backend to their exact needs.i

“Working with Dustin has always been a pleasure. The amount of thought and attention to detail that he provides constantly takes projects to the next level. Streaming Café was no different — his direction on the client backend and to the front end user experience was instrumental in the success of this launch.”

Darren Hull, Project Manager

I was also contracted to explore the possibilities of a video player to seamlessly switch between multiple live camera feeds.

Screenshot of the homepage of Streaming Cafe, Designed by Ryan Le Roux
Fig 1. Homepage designed by Ryan Le Roux with HTML5 & CSS3 by Kyle Pickering.
Screenshot of the editing a performance in the Streaming Cafe backend
Fig 2. Editing a performance in the Streaming Café Backend.
Example of a wireframe designed for the Streaming Cafe Video Player
Fig 3. A wireframe I designed for the Streaming Café Video Player

Technical Achievements

  1. Custom live chat with admin moderation built in jQuery
  2. Flash Video player that seamlessly switches between multiple live RTMP feeds
  3. Performance recommendation system based on performance tags