#myCurrentView was built to experiment with the Twitter API. I’m not happy with the current state of photo–sharing for mobile devices. I don’t believe they take full advantage of the technology they contain. In its present form, #myCurrentView aggregates tweets which include an image and the string “my current view,” #myCurrentView, or #mcv. If the tweet includes location data, it renders the image on a map using the Google Maps API.

#myCurrentView continues to evolvei with a future goal of a mobile application.ii

Example #myCurrentView. Image copyright Kim. A. Thomas.
Fig 1. Example #myCurrentView. Image copyright Kim. A. Thomas.
Example of the #myCurrentView map view
Fig 2. Example map view. Image copyright Aral Balkan.

Technical Achievements

  1. Custom analytics software that only counts an image as viewed when it is visible in the browser window
  2. API (using XAuth) that allows posting #myCurrentViews from mobile devicesiii
  3. Custom URL shortening system