I built LittleIpsum to address a problem in designer’s and developer’s workflows. Previously designers would generate pseudo text online, this is slow and requires an internet connection. By making an OS X menubar application, the effort required to generate filler text has been significantly reduced.

“As a fan of handy Mac menubar apps, LittleIpsum rightfully finds its place in mine. Convenient. Simple. Useful. A must for anyone that designs or writes code.”

Brian Hoff of The Design Cubicle

LittleIpsum has generated over 30,000 downloads and has been one of the top free developer tools in the Mac App Store since it’s release. It has been featured on LifeHacker, Swissmiss, Dan Benjamin’s “The Dev Show” Podcast, and many other sites.

The interface of LittleIpsum 2.0 was proposed by Grant Hutchinson.

Screenshot of the LittleIpsum UI
Fig 1. LittleIpsum OS X UI
Screenshot of the homepage of LittleIpsum
Fig 2. LittleIpsum Homepage
LittleIpsum is currently the number two application in Developer Tools Category
Fig 3. LittleIpsum is the 2nd Top Free Developer Tooli

Technical Achievements

  1. Custom interface written in Objective-C
  2. Custom analytics system to track how people use LittleIpsum
  3. Ability to wrap the outputted pseudo text in HTML