Fipsum was a personal challenge to solve a problem in two hours. The project was spurred on when I noticed tweets stating that people were using LittleIpsum for filling in forms with testing data. Being the pragmatist I am, I knew there was a better solution. If Safari extensions are able to access a pages’ form inputs, why not fill in all the inputs at once? If HTML5 is able to define input types, why not fill in all these inputs with the right data?

In two hours the Fipsum Safari Extension was built and online. It is powered primarily by jQuery and at the end of the two hour session there was a domain registered, a website built and even a quick screencast recorded. Fipsum is by no means an engineering or design showcase; it was fun to build and reminds me to continue experimenting with different technologies.

Screenshot of the homepage of Fipsum
Fig 1. Fipsum Homepage

Technical Achievements

  1. Supports HTML5 input types
  2. Respects properties set in ranges & numeric steppers
  3. Creates valid emails, URLs, telephone numbers,i and dates