Dustin Senos

Software Engineer & Graphic Designer

Porrtait of Dustin Senos on a boat
Photo by Dave Johannes

I am passionate about creating rewarding interactions between humans and technology. I believe in paper prototyping, quick iterations, and empathizing with customers.

I work at Medium as a Product Designer. Read more about my work.

Personal Life

I enjoy my free time road biking, boxing, taking photos, and the occasional dram of scotch with friends. I can often be found dancing poorly on a Friday night to my favorite music, Hip hop.

Originally from Vancouver Cananda, I now reside in San Francisco California’s Mission district.

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About The Site

This website was proudly hand-coded in Sublime on a Mac. The front-end is semantic HTML5 and CSS3. Hosting is provided by Jekyll and Github Pages. TypeKit serves the two primary typefaces, Skolar Web and Adelle Web, which are designed by TypeTogether.